Community "Sharing" Function

Ulla Tanskanen -

 To view Assessments that have been shared with the MDRAP user community

1. Log in to MDRAP.


2. On the MDRAP Home page, click on Go to Assessments link in the middle of the screen or click on Assessments tab on the navigation bar across the top of the page.


3. The list of assessments included in MDRAP for your organization will be displayed. Community Assessments can be viewed on the Assessments Screen using the COMMUNITY tab in the center of the screen. Selecting the COMMUNITY tab will display a list of all assessments that have been submitted and "shared" by the organizations who have elected to "share" their assessments with the MDRAP user community.

NOTE: If MDM has elected to set restricted (sharing only for approved requests), limited (sharing for matching inventory items or requests) or private sharing (sharing for identified group or requests), the Assessments for this MDM have a request icon displayed.



NOTE: Only HDOs have the ability to request items from Assessments list, if other organizations need the requesting ability, they will need to contact MDRAP Support 

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