Aggregated Risk Display of Completed Assessments for HDOs

Ulla Tanskanen -

This article describes the step-by-step process to view a "Dashboard" of all completed/submitted assessment aggregated scores with risk level indicators for an organization's inventory. 

2. Navigate to and hover over the Administration tab and select View Scoring Report from the drop down list.

3. The Assessments & Scoring Report will appear as shown in the screenshot below, displaying the Not Started and In Progress Assessments for the organization. The Assessments can be filtered in each view

  • Click Advanced
  • Select filtering criteria by Product Code, Manufacturer, Location or Care Delivery Area


4. Users can view the Total Assessments by clicking on the Total Assessments field.

5. Users can view the Aggregated Risk Display of Completed Assessments by clicking on the Completed field (highlighted in yellow in the screenshot below).

6. MDRAP calculates the organization's assessment aggregated scores for all completed assessments and display the Assessments & Scoring Report results in a new window. The color-coded Risk Level (Low, Med-Low, Medium, Med-High, and High) is displayed for each Device assessed along with the single aggregate risk score for the device, enabling the organization to focus on the assessed devices with the highest risk levels. 

An export function is also available by clicking the Excel icon in the upper right corner of the page. The export is an excel workbook (MDRAP-Stratification-Report-Template) which includes two tabs; Summary and Data. The data tab includes device identification fields as well as Impact and Likelihood scores for each of the 10 control categories. Level of Effort and Responsible (HDO/MDM) data is also included. 



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