Version 3.4.1 Release Notes

Ulla Tanskanen -

Version 3.4.1 Release Notes

Release Date: November 19, 2017

The following MDRAP changes were made in the Version 3.4.1 release:

Change 1. Added a single aggregate risk score to all assessment summaries and included in the header on details and results pages.

Change 2. A dashboard providing an aggregated risk display o completed assessments for HDOs was added. HDOs can view all completed/submitted assessment aggregated scores with color-coded risk level indicator. 

Change 3. A View Summary Assessment Progress dashboard was added. HDOs can view progress for all assessments at the organizational level. All assessments on the report include links to the assessments, and all completed/submitted assessments include links to the Results page.

Change 4. A "lock" icon was added to the assessment header for all Submitted assessments.

Change 5. Change to Compare Assessments icon to display the icon only if there are assessments (Organization, Community, or MDM) available for comparison.

Change 6. Added rows count for assessment for a specific device in the dialogue.

Change 7. Change to MDS2 upload function to make software revision a required field when uploading an MDS2 Form to the MDS2 Library.

Change 8. When comparing assessments against the community the default is set to exclude the user's organization shared assessment. The setting can be changed by the user. 

Change 9. Filters (e.g., Manufacturer, Location, Care Delivery Area) now have the ability to sub-filter data after any selection.

Change 10. Device Inventory - users now have the ability to set a device for all of the same pending devices. Once a user selects a device for a pending item and that file has more pending items with the same search parameters, an option is now available to match all, or a part of, the selected device.

Change 11. User roles - an information icon was added that opens a list of roles and associated descriptions.

Change 12. Assessment Report Results include details about the device that was assessed, including Asset Tag ID, Serial #, and Location, if those details have been provided by the HDO.

Change 13. All Results page scores are rounded to 2 decimal digits. 

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