Add a Device to an Organization's Inventory

Ariel Zadok -

NOTE: To select a device to perform a risk assessment on, the asset must be in your organization's MDRAP inventory/list of devices. If there is no inventory to perform assessments against, the RED + button will not appear on the Assessments screen. 

To populate your organization's device inventory, do the following:


2. Click on View Device Inventory link in the middle of the screen or Device Inventory on the navigation bar across the top of the page. 

3. Click on the green ADD DEVICE + button to add a device to your inventory.


4. Search for your device in the Device Catalog by doing a simple search by entering something like "Cath" or "Philips" or "MX500." The results will be narrowed down to a more concise list to select from. You can always add more descriptive words about the device, if necessary. Instead of free text search, you can search for your device by DeviceName/Model, Manufacturer and/or Product Code fields. A list of devices matching the criteria entered will be returned.

5. Click on the device of interest and a pop-up box will appear.

6. Enter Device details in pop-up box fields: 

7. Select a Location from the dropdown list.

8. Select the corresponding Care Delivery Area from that dropdown list.

9. Enter your Device's Serial #, Asset Tag #, In-Service Date and any Notes to help identify/locate the device at your facility. 

10. Click on the orange ADD button at the bottom right of the pop-up box.

The device/asset will be added to your organization's inventory and will appear on your organization's Device Inventory page.

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