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Ariel Zadok -

NOTE: Only users having the User Admin role can execute the Manage Users function for their Organization.

1. Navigate to MDRAP ACCOUNT LOGIN.  


2. Hover over the Administration tab on the blue navigation bar across the top of the page. 

3. Scroll down and click on Manage Users.

4. The system will display all Users in your organization you have access to in your User Admin role.


  • Name - User's name
  • Organization - organization the User selected when registering for MDRAP access (e.g., Healthcare Delivery Organization, Medical Device Manufacturer, Government Agency)
  • Roles - User, Device Admin, User Admin, and OrgAdmin
  • Verified - check mark is a validation by the MDRAP system that the user has validated the email address used to registered; users cannot be approved until their email address is verified in the system
  • Approved - MDRAP/MDISS approval for a user to have access to MDRAP
  • IsActive - End user is activated in the system
  • Last Modified - The most recent date a change was made and saved for that user/user profile
  • Last Login Date - The most recent date that the user logged into the MDRAP system

5. Clicking on the "Information" icon to the right of the Search Users bar (highlighted in yellow in the screenshot below) displays a Roles Description pop-up box of the assignable roles and role descriptions available.


6. A list of all Users the User Admin has access to within the organization will be displayed.


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