Delete a Device from an Organization's Inventory

Ariel Zadok -

1. Log in to MDRAP.


2. Click on View Device Inventory/Review Device Inventory icon or Device Inventory on the navigation bar across the top of the page. 


3. A list of devices in your organization's Device Inventory will be displayed.


4. Find the Device to be deleted by navigating to it on the list of devices in your device inventory. In the screenshot below we've navigated to the SWITCHPOINT INFINITY 2 - 2, and hovering over the trash can icon the "Delete this Device" message is displayed.

5. Click on the trash can icon and a pop up box confirms that you want to delete the device (in this example it confirms deletion of the SWITCHPOINT INFINITY 2 - 2). Select OK to confirm deletion.

6. The system deletes the device from the organization's inventory, the pop up box closes, and the user is returned to their organization's Device Inventory.



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