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Ariel Zadok -

Please use the most current organizational email address when registering to ensure you always have access to your account.

To register as a new user to MDRAP:

1. Go to MDRAP HOME PAGE page, click Register.

2. Complete the Registration Form


3. Select Prefix (optional) and Title (optional). Enter First Name (required) and LastName (required)

4. Enter Organizational Email Address. (NOTE:  gmail, yahoo, etc. email addresses are not valid addresses for MDRAP user accounts.)

5. Enter Password and Confirm Password.

NOTE: You cannot move to password fields before entering correct information on previous fields

6. MDRAP will present the Organization associated with the email domain if one exists. Confirm the correct organization and, if your Organization isn't recognized through your email address, click the Add New Organization button to enter the required information (see Adding an Organization when Registering as a New User). 

7. Click Next.

8. Enter Expertise and Certifications from the drop-down lists.

9. Click on the orange SUBMIT button to submit your Registration request.

10. Check your inbox for a verification email from the system. Check your Junk Mail folder if you don't see the message in your inbox as emails sometimes wind up there.

11. Click the link embedded in the email to confirm to the system your email as a valid email address.

12. If you belong to an HDO or MDM organization and register with the same domain that is used for your organization's contact address, you will be automatically approved. You will receive an e-mail with more information about MDRAP, MDISS, and WHISTL plus a link to a useful video.

Otherwise, once your email is confirmed, the request is reviewed and approved by MDISS and appropriate role(s) granted for access to the system. You will then receive the email with the additional information. 

Now you are ready to use the system! 

Still need help? Submit a Help Desk Ticket using the User Support icon under the Help Center tab on the right-hand side of the screen (as shown in the screenshot below).



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