Adding an Organization when Registering as a New User

Ariel Zadok -

When registering as a new user to MDRAP, the system will present the organization associated with the email domain, if one exists. If your Organization does not appear once your email address is entered, the system provides the ability to Add the Organization and associated details.

1. Click on Add New Organization.

2. The Add New Organization pop up appears.

3. Enter your Organization's Name and a Contact Email of the Organization.  NOTE: this should be the contact email for the overall organization and not necessarily the contact email for the person registering. 

4. If you enter a name that already exists in the system, you will be notified about it and presented a choice of using the existing organization

5. Select the Type of organization for your company.

  • Academic
  • Demo - Demonstration (MDRAP purposes)
  • Government
  • Healthcare Delivery Organization
  • Manufacturer
  • NGO - Non-Government Organization
  • Purchasing Group
  • Security

6. Click Add to save.

The system will return to the Registration of a new user process for submission.

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