Approve a New User Request

Ariel Zadok -

Prior to a User Admin approving a user request for their organization, the end user must:

  • Complete and submit the MDRAP Registration
  • Verify that their associated organizational email address is valid

1. NOTE: Only the User Admin role can approve users for their assigned organization.


3. Hover over the Administration tab on the blue navigation bar across the top of the screen and select Manage Users from the drop down list.  

 4. The system will display a list of all Users you have access to. Either scroll through the list of users or use the global search functionality to  Search Users.  


5. In the global search feature, Search for the User [Keyword or partial keyword search using  Name or Organization of the user]

6. Review Verified column to confirm icon appears to confirm email is valid.


7. Click on the "Information" icon to the right of the Search Users search bar to get a list of the User Roles and a Brief Description.


NOTE: Only ProgAdmin and SuperAdmin can perform steps 8 and 9, i.e. change roles. If a change to a user's role is needed, please contact Support.  

8. Select and Assign Role(s) by clicking the checkbox next to the appropriate role(s) for the User.  


9. Click on the green SAVE button to save the selected role(s).  The system will return you to the list of users.

10. Click Approved check box for the user that is being approved. The system will save the changes and the end user will receive an email notifying them of their approval and instructions on how to log into MDRAP.


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