View a List of Assessments for your Organization

Ariel Zadok -

1. Log in to MDRAP.


2. Click on the Go to Assessments link or click on the Assessments tab in the blue navigation bar across the top of the screen.


3. A list of all of your organization's Assessments that have been initiated, started, or completed will be displayed.


The display for each Assessment in the list includes:

  • Total Number of Assessments in Inventory - displayed at upper right hand corner of the list (e.g., (1 - 10 of 34 assessments).
  • Percentage of Completion - MDRAP maintains the assessment progress percentage for all assessments in the organization's Assessments Inventory.
  • Question Set Type - The question set type (i.e., MDISS Assessment, MDS2 Assessment, SF Assessment) is the Question Set Type selected by the user at the time the assessment was created. Note that the SF Assessment questionnaire is no longer available for use.
  • Assessment Title - The Question Set Type of the assessment (i.e., MDISS Assessment, MDS2 Assessment, SF Assessment) concatenated with the name of the device being assessed as selected by the user at the time the assessment was created.  The system displays this as a hyperlink - click on the link to gain access to that assessment. Note that the SF Assessment questionnaire is no longer available for use.
  • Device Details - Lists the Device Manufacturer, name of the Device selected from the Organization's inventory, Location, and assessment status (e.g., submitted (Date), last modified (date).


  • UPSIDE DOWN TRIANGLE ()- provides capability for user to jump to the Organization Assessment Questions, which were added to the MDISS questionnaire in release 3.4.0.
  • ARROWS (- provides capability to Compare that assessment with other Organizational Assessments, Community Assessments, or Manufacturer Assessments.
  • PENCIL () - gives a user the ability to edit/change the Assessment Title.
  • GRAPH () - provides capability to view a graphical display of the results of the assessment based on how the questions were answered when completing the questionnaire.
  • MAGNIFYING GLASS (): View the answers to the assessment report as well as Notes entered by the user and system-generated comments based on answers to the questions.
  • TRASH CAN () - provides capability to permanently DELETE the risk assessment from the list. System provides a confirmation prompt to the user to confirm (Are you sure?) deletion of the assessment prior to deleting the Assessment from their organization's Assessment Inventory in MDRAP.
  • PDF ()  - generates a PDF version of the Assessment Questionnaire in a new window.
  • MDS2 Form ( ) - for MDS2 Assessments, generates the answered questionnaire in MDS2 Format.
  • PRODUCT CODE ASSESSMENT() - provides capability to Compare that Assessment with other assessments for devices with same product code

4. To view assessments for a specific device for your organization, enter the device name in the Search bar and hit return. A list of all assessments for that device will be returned. In the example below, INTELLIVUE MX40 was entered and 3 assessments were returned, with details on the status of each assessment to include percentage completion, type of assessment completed, details on the device (i.e., name, location, and last modified date) and icon options for viewing the assessment).

5. Use the orange ADVANCED button to the right of Assessments to search your assessments by Survey Form Type, Product Code, Manufacturer, Location, or Care Delivery Area.


6. The same search criteria as detailed in paragraphs 4. and 5., above, can be applied to the assessments within the Community (Assessments Sharing) section.

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