Activate or Inactivate a User

Ariel Zadok -

Prior to determining a user’s activation status within MDRAP, speak with your Organization's leadership to confirm.

1. As a User Admin, Log in to MDRAP ACCOUNT LOGIN.

 2. Hover over the Administration tab on the blue navigation bar across the top of the page. Scroll down and click on Manage Users.


 3. The system will display a list of all users you have access to within your assigned organization.


4. Scroll through the list of users or use the global search* functionality to Search Users.  

5. Select the User.


6. As you read from left to right, the checkbox under the IsActive column indicates whether the user is active in the system or not.

7. Click the box for a check mark to appear to make the user active.  If the user is active in the system, click on the check mark to "un-check" to make the blank/empty checkbox appear, inactivating the user.

The system automatically saves the changes.


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