Define a User's Role(s)

Ariel Zadok -

Note: A UserAdmin can only approve and activate/deactivate users.  If a change to a user's role is needed, please contact Support. 

1. As a ProgAdmin or SuperAdmin, Log In to MDRAP ACCOUNT LOGIN.

2. Navigate to the Administration tab on the blue navigation bar across the top of the MDRAP Home Page.  

3. Select Manage Users from the Administration tab drop down box.  

4. The system will display a list of all Users you have access to within your organization. Scroll through the list of users or use the global Search Users function to Search for a User.  


5. Click on the "Information" icon to the right of the Search Users search bar, or on the edit hyperlink below the assigned roles in the Roles column to view a list of all assignable User Roles and a Brief Description.  Select a role(s) for that User by checking the box next to the role(s) within the pop-up box. There may be more than one role assigned to a user.  


6. Click the SAVE button to save the role selections checked.


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