Two-Factor Authentication: Setup and Use by Email

Ariel Zadok -

Two-Factor Authentication provides an extra layer of security by phone or email when accessing MDRAP.  If you choose to enable and set up Two-Factor Authentication, you will be the only person who can log in to MDRAP with your username and password.

1. As a User, Log In from MDRAP ACCOUNT LOGIN home page.


2. Navigate to the top right of the page and click on the dropdown next to your name.

3. Scroll to and click on Manage Profile.  

4. The system will then display the Manage Profile screen with your account settings and options.

5.  To turn on the Two-Factor Authentication setting, initiate the setup process by clicking on the green ENABLE button.

6. Once you've clicked the ENABLE button, MDRAP will automatically send a verification email confirming that Two-Factor Authentication has been enabled.  This confirmation also sets up your email as the selected option to receive a verification code when logging into the system.

7. When you log in to MDRAP by entering your username and password, you will then be asked to Enter a verification code.

a. To have your verification code sent via email, select the radio button Email Code then click the SUBMIT button.


b. MDRAP will automatically send you an email with your single-use verification code every time you log in to the system.

c. Go to your email Inbox, open the email with the verification code.

9. Enter the verification code from your email, then click SUBMIT.


10. If you do not receive an E-mail code, click the Resend Code button below Submit. Please, do remember to check also your Junk-folders

You have successfully logged in to MDRAP using Two-Factor Authentication by Email!

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