Add an Attachment to a Device

Ariel Zadok -

1. Log in to MDRAP.


2.  Click on View Device Inventory/Review Device Inventory icon or Device Inventory on the navigation bar across the top of the page.


3. The system will display the list of devices in your organization's inventory.


4. Select a Device from your organization's Device Inventory by clicking on the name of the device. The system displays the options to either edit Details or manage the Attachments.  

5. Select Attachments.   


6. Click on the RED PLUS SIGN to ADD an attachment.

7. Click on the GREEN Select File To Upload button.

NOTE these file formats and size limitations:  
* Acceptable files: .pdf, .csv, .xls, .xlsx, .doc, .docx, .tiff, .png 
* Minimum file size is 10 bytes 
* Maximum file size is 10 MB

8. Select the file you would like to attach and click the Open button on the pop up window.

9. The system will display the title of the document selected to be uploaded.  Click the Upload button.

10. Click Close to attach the document to the Device.

You have now attached a document to the selected device in your inventory!

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