Edit a Location (and Hierarchy) of an Organization

Ariel Zadok -

Users with Org Admin role can manage their organization sharing and organization structure, i.e. Locations and Care Delivery Areas.

1. As an Org Admin, log in to MDRAP.


2. Navigate to and hover over the Administration menu on the blue navigation bar across the top of the screen and select Manage Organization from the drop-down box.  

3. When Manage Organization is selected, the system will display a list of Locations for your organization.

4. To edit a location, click on the Location name hyperlink (i.e., A205 is selected in the screenshot below)

5. A popup window will be displayed, enabling the user to edit existing information for the Location selected. The Name (required field), Geo Location (optional field), and Location Type (required field) fields can be edited as needed.

6. Click on the orange SAVE button at the bottom right of the popup window. The system will SAVE the changes you've entered for this Location within your Organization.

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