Version 3.4.4 Release Notes

Phil Englert -

Release Date: April 22, 2018
The following MDRAP changes were made in the Version 3.4.4 release:
Change 1. Added 15-day comment period before HDO assessments are shared with the community. The Medical Device Manufacturer MDM is notified that an assessment has been completed and is provided a comment box to share clarifying comments. The comment box is always available to the MDM.
The MDM comment features are:
  1. Only applicable if HDO is the sharing organization and only impacts those shared assessments that appear in the community. HDO can always see their own assessments.
  2. MDM has the option to release the assessment (skip the bypass period) with or without comment and allow the assessment to appear in the community immediately.
  3. The comment box is always available to MDM for editing, even after the comment period has expired. If the HDO is a sharing organization, a submitted assessment will appear in the community after the 15-day comment period even if the MDM has taken no action.    
  4. MDM may not modify the HDO assessment or assessment scoring through the comment process. 
  5. An icon has been added to the assessment list to indicate if an MDM comment exists.
  6. MDM Assessments do not have a comment box and are published to the community immediately upon completion.   
Change 2. Added pagination to the Manage User page to improve page response
Change 3Added session expiration logic
Change 4. Various improvements:
  1. Improved searching of user management page
  2. Improved pagination response when deleting/adding assessments, inventory items or MDS2 items
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