Version 3.4.5 Release Notes

Phil Englert -

3.4.5 Release Notes                                                                                                    Release Date: 06/10/2018


  1. Scoring presentation: The display of ALL scores and percent completed are rounded to a single decimal position. Previous scores displayed results to the third decimal position. The computational methodology has not been changed.
  2. Pre-procurement Assessment (PPA) request improvements
    1. Autocomplete manufacturer contact information if the contact information has been provided by the manufacturer
    2. Ability to add an additional recipient to pre-procurement request email
    3. Pre-procurement requests (PPA) are now available to any member of the MDM organization. Previously they were visible and available only to the email recipient.
  3. Navigation improvements
    1. The page menu selection bar (blue) remains at the top of the page when scrolling down in any of the pages. This allows for changing menu selections without having to navigate to the top of the page.
    2. Added a return to the top of page icon when scrolling is initiated in the inventory, assessment, MDS2, and catalog lists. This enables a quick return to the pagination selection feature to select a different page in the active list.
  4. Improvements and bug fixes include:
    1. Refactoring code to improve responsiveness and efficiency.
    2. API Security Improvements that verify user credentials (right to access) if page selection was made outside of application navigation.
    3. Improved error message when adding a duplicate item to MDS2 library. Duplicate item is qualified as having the same catalog device, software revision, and release date.
    4. Improved error message when adding a duplicate item to an organizations’ inventory. Duplicate item is qualified as having the same catalog device, location, department, and either the same Asset ID or Serial Number.
    5. Restricted credentials so MDM representative or Super Admin can no longer edit the MDS2 record generated when an MDM completes an MDM or MDS2 assessment. An MDM representative or Super Admin can delete the record.
    6. Filtering added to the MDM Scoring Report to include: 1) Location (Business Unit) and 2) Care Delivery Area (Trade Name)
    7. Items deleted from inventory will now also delete the item attachments. Previously these attachments were orphaned.
    8. Deleting items including attachments are now marked as inactive and will no longer appear on lists or be accessible. (Length of time till actual delete (suggested 90 -120 days)) allow for mistake recovery.
    9. Comments are now displayed in search results. 0.45% (140/30,442) of catalog items have comments. Previously, catalog details (comments) were shown in browsing results but not in search results
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