Managing Requests for Information (HDO)

Simon Manne -

NOTE: HDO users must request access to assessments and MDS2 forms when the MDM has set the sharing as restricted, limited and the HDO has no matching inventory items or private and the HDO is not part of the MDM's private group.

Any user belonging to HDO, or Security Organization acting as a proxy to HDO, can create a request/cancel a request made by their organization. Requests can be made from MDS2 Library for MDS2 items and from Assessments list for MDM or MDS2 Assessments.

1. Log in to MDRAP.

2. Navigate to and hover over the Administration menu on the blue navigation bar across the top of the screen and select Manage Requests from the drop-down box.

3. From the Pending Requests list, the HDO and Proxy user can cancel requests which are pending or set to be under review by an MDM. 

4. From the Decided Requests list, you can see the status of your own requests which have been either approved or declined. 

5. From the Proxy Requests list, an HDO can see the status of requests which have been made by a Proxy on behalf of them.


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