Version 3.4.6 Release Notes

Robyn Murton -

Release Date: 07/08/2018
The following MDRAP changes were made in the Version 3.4.6 release:
Change 1. Added name of person completing the assessment to the Reports and Screen displays of assessments. The name appears when you are viewing an assessment for your organization and does not appear when viewing another organization's assessment.
Change 2The registration process was changed so that after the new registrant enters an email address MDRAP will present the organization associated with the email domain if one exists. The user confirms the correct organization or is given the option to enter a new organization name. 
Change 3: In the Pre-Procurement Assessment (PPA) Module, the device name and the requesting organization name is now included in the body of the message.
Change 4: In the Pre-Procurement Assessment (PPA) Module the designated manufacturer contact is now the default recipient. Users may also enter an additional email recipient. A user may also modify the default message text prior to submitting the PPA request and sending the message. 
Change 5: "Location" and "Department" have been removed from the inventory duplicate check. The system looks for the presence of an existing asset tag and serial number when adding a new device. MDRAP will not allow more than a single instance where a catalog device has the same asset ID or the same serial number. 
Change 6: The user organization is now stored when an MDS2 form is uploaded. If MDISS staff upload on behalf of a contributing organization, the name of the contributing organization is recorded. 
Change 7: Manufacturer assessments' comments will be available in the community space by community members with access to the assessment record. The manufacturer has a 15 day period to add comments to a submitted HDO assessment prior to the assessment appearing in the community. The HDO must be a sharing organization for assessments to appear in the community space.
Change 8: A user must now enter their current password in order to change their password. Password complexity requirements are now available on the Change Password page.
Change 9: The HDO organization was added to the email body sent to the MDM when the HDO has submitted an MDISS assessment informing them of the submission and initiating the 15 day comment period. 
Various improvements and bug fixes. 
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