Version 3.4.7 Release Notes

Ulla Tanskanen -

Release Date: 10/14/2018
The following MDRAP changes were made in the Version 3.4.7 release:
Change 1. Only Health Delivery Organizations are allowed to request access from MDM, others need to be approved by MDISS.
Change 2. Security organization can act as a proxy for an HDO i.e. request Assessments and MDS2 Forms from MDM on behalf of an HDO organization 
Change 3: Request e-mail to the MDM including requesting organization and details of the requested items.
Change 4: Purchasing Groups and Manufacturer organizations can create a private group for sharing their data. 
Change 5: Search in Device Catalog working with partial words
Change 6: Search by Device Name/Mode, Manufacturer & Product Code is possible in Device Catalog.
Various improvements and bug fixes. 
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