HDO/Proxy User Reviewing the MDM Pre-Procurement Assessment from Device Inventory

Ulla Tanskanen -

When the manufacturer "SUBMITS" (not just completes) the completed assessment, the user that requested the Pre-Procurement Assessment will get an email notification that the assessment is available for review.


The completed assessment can be accessed via the Assessments page or the Device Inventory page. Using the link from the e-mail, the user is directed to their Device Inventory.

1. Log in to MDRAP.

2. Click on View Device Inventory in the middle of the page or Device Inventory in the navigation bar across the top of the page.

3. A list of devices assigned to your Organization will be displayed.  

4. Go to the Pre-Procurement tab and click on View Manufacturer Assessment icon (highlighted in yellow) to review the assessment.


5. After reviewing the PPA, the status of the device in Pre-Procurement tab changes from Completed to Reviewed

To understand the risk scoring/results of a Risk Assessment, read View Risk Scoring Results Graph.

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