Security Organization Requesting Access to MDM data on behalf of an HDO

Ulla Tanskanen -

When Security Organization is affiliated with at least one HDO, he can request access to MDM/MDS2 Assessments and/or MDS2 Forms.

In the below picture access for MDM Assessment for OLYMPUS RIGID URETERORENOSCOPE and MDS2 Assessment for SONOSURG need to be requested from MDM organization.

If the Proxy Organization is affiliated with one HDO, the request is sent by clicking the 'Request Access From Manufacturer' icon, if the proxy is representing several HDOs, additionally he will need to select the organization which this request is made on behalf of.

The same procedure must be followed when requesting MDS2s (if he has requested and been granted access to an MDM/MDS2 assessment, he will also get access to the MDS2 form created from the assessment)

Requesting Pre-Procurement Assessments has been described in articles

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