Add Device to Inventory from Pending Device Inventory List

Ulla Tanskanen -

1. Log in to MDRAP.

2. On the MDRAP Home page, click on the link View Device Inventory in the middle of the page, or click on the Device Inventory link on the navigation bar across the top of the page

3. On the Device Inventory screen, click on the Bulk Import button on the right side of the screen, which changes from green to orange when the user hovers over it, as shown on the screenshot below.

4. Click on the View Existing Imports tab as shown in orange on the screenshot below.

5. A list of the Pending Device Inventory files, with Date, Filename, and Imported By email address will be displayed along with an option to VIEW the Inventory file. Click on the VIEW button to open and view the Inventory file.

6. The pending inventory list will be displayed. At first, is shown the summary of the import, and below the list of devices which were not imported to the organization's inventory (e.g. the device already exists with the same details as in import file or it was not possible to find an exact match using the Device and Manufacturer information in the file)

7. Click on the line with the device to be added to inventory


8. Select the correct device from Matching Devices dropbox, or if it is not found there, use the catalog search provided to locate the correct device (see View/Search Device Catalog). Add button is available only for DeviceAdmin to add the device to catalog if not yet there. Enter Serial #, Asset Tag #, In-Service Date and any Notes to help to identify/locate the device at your facility.

It is also possible to label the device. The device is then saved to the database with the chosen label, but not shown in your organization's inventory. The available labels are:

  • Ignore - Remove from Import List
  • Not a digital device
  • Device not connected to the Internet
  • Accessory or auxiliary component of system

9. Click on SAVE TO INVENTORY button.

The device/asset will be added to your organization's inventory and will appear on your organization's Device Inventory page.

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