Delete Locations and/or Care Delivery Areas from an Organizational Hierarchy

Ulla Tanskanen -

NOTE: Only users with the Org Admin role can view or manage Locations and/or Care Delivery Areas within an Organization.

1. As an Org Admin, log in to MDRAP.


2. Navigate to and hover over the Administration menu on the blue navigation bar across the top of the screen and select Manage Sharing from the drop-down box.

3. When Manage Organization is selected, the system will display a list of Locations for your organization.

 4. To delete a Location click on the trash can icon () right to the Location name in question.

5. To delete a Care Delivery Area move to Care Delivery Areas tab and click on the trash can icon () right to the Care Delivery Area name in question.

NOTE:  If there are devices attached to the item to be deleted, they will first need to be moved to another Location/Care Delivery Area or deleted.

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