Manage Sharing for MDMs

Ulla Tanskanen -

A user must have the Org Admin role to manage the sharing setting for their organization

1. Log in to MDRAP.

2. Navigate to and hover over the Administration menu on the blue navigation bar across the top of the screen and select Manage Sharing from the drop-down box.  

3. Manufacturers have different practices and policies for what they are willing to share. Manufacturers have the ability to manage the sharing settings for the MDS2 (technical) document and Assessment separately. Typical manufacturer practice is to share documents with customers that either own or are considering ownership of a device. MDRAP recognizes device owners as 'vested stakeholders.' 

The sharing options are:

  • Restricted Sharing: Share MDS2 Forms or assessments for approved requests only. HDO staff can request access to MDS2 or assessments that the MDM settings do not make available - This allows all community members to see that a record is available and requires the users to request access
  • Limited Sharing: Share MDS2 Forms or assessments for matching inventory items OR approved requests (default setting) -  If a hospital has a device in their inventory and there is an MDS2 or other technical documentation, or there's an assessment on that device, by default the hospital will be able to access that information. If they do not have the device in their inventory but are interested in it and see that there is an MDS2 or an assessment on that device, they can send a message the manufacturer within the MDRAP application requesting access to the desired information and the manufacturer can then approve or reject access. 
  • Private Sharing: Share MDS2 Forms or assessments for an identified group OR approved requests - If a hospital belongs to Manufacturers Private Group, by default they will be able to access all existing assessments and MDS2 documentation for the manufacturer. Those who do not belong to a Private Group will need to request access to the desired information.
  • Open Sharing: Share MDS2 Forms or assessments with any community member 

Select the preferred choice and click the SAVE SETTINGS button. 


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