Create a New Assessment and Duplicate the Answers from Existing Assessment

Ulla Tanskanen -

1.  Log In to MDRAP.


2. Click on the Go to Assessments link in the middle of the screen or the Assessments link in the blue navigation bar across the top of the screen.


3. Click the RED PLUS SIGN at the top right, to Create a New Assessment.


4. The Create Assessment pop up box is displayed. In the Search Inventory search bar, enter the name of the device you want to assess from your organization's device inventory.  

5. Click on the device you want to assess from your search results. If there are already assessments for the same device you can select the assessment to duplicate from the drop-down box.


6. Click the Add button to create the Assessment and duplicate the responses from the existing assessment. While the duplication is in progress you will see a progress window


7. When duplication has been done, you will be routed to the list with Control Categories. Here you can continue answering or updating the existing responses to the questions.



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